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'the science of game of thrones': UK paperback cover, published by Coronet/Hachette

'the science of game of thrones' slides: i) wildfire demo at the Royal Institution, Dr Rory Hadden/clip courtesy of Karl Bryne ii) still from the filming of StarTalk, via YouTube/National Geographic, full clip iii) selection of international SoGoT book covers

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slide show images: Royal Institution/Mike Massimino interview - courtesy of Karl Webb; Hidden Figures panel at the Odeon TCR London - courtesy of Into Film; on stage at ESA - courtesy of ESA/Genevieve Porter; on stage panel at Space Rocks (L-R Helen Keen, Dr Brian May, Major Tim Peake, John Mitchell, Dr Alastair ReynoldsProf Mark McCaughrean) - courtesy of Space Rocks; on stage at WIRED - courtesy of WIRED; Helen Keen & Dr Suze Kundu at British Council event, Athens - courtesy of Maria Maraki, CERN group - courtesy of Piotr Traczyk

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