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Click here to listen to the new Adventures in Space and Tim podcast

Joe Devlin, a neuroscientist at UCL, has been studying the brains of comedians, presenters and barristers, to find out how they're able to speak fluently in high pressure situations. The two of us were invited onto The Guardian Science Weekly Podcast to talk about this in May 2015.

April 2014 - talking to Graham Southorn, Editor of BBC Focus Magazine, about UFOs...

April 2014 - back on the very excellent Space Boffins podcast, with Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham to talk about the new series of It Is Rocket Science...

Jan 2014 Little Atoms podcast - where I talk a bit about The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Little Atoms

Dec 23rd broadcast of The Infinite Monkey Cage - Science and Spin. Presented by Brian Cox & Robin Ince and featuring James Burke, Sheena Cruikshank, Matthew Cobb and me.
Infinite Monkey Cage

Here's a panel I hosted on Cyberpunk at the Nineworlds Geekfest 2013, featuring (amongst others) Cory Doctorow & Charles Stross

In Dec 2012 I'm on the excellent Space Boffins podcast, with Richard Hollingham, Sue Nelson and writer David Baker, discussing living in space...

I'm doing a v short set towards the end of the ace Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

Chatting with Alok Jha about robots for The Guardian Science Weekly Podcast, August 2012

Quick interview with the The Pod Delusion about Robot Woman of Tomorrow in July 2012
Pod Delusion

Interview with the Little Atoms podcast about the new show & new radio series in February 2012.
Little Atoms

Interview backstage at Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People at the Bloomsbury Theatre in December 2011.
Little Atoms

A chat with the excellent Pod Delusion podcast in October 2010 about rocket science & robots... And whatever your beliefs you'll find the interview with Ugandan skeptic James Onen at the start of the podcast fascinating.
The Pod Delusion

A new Bright Club podcast for October...
This time it's War! Steve Cross referees the Bright Club panel game.
Little Atoms

June 13th broadcast of The Infinite Monkey Cage - So you want to be an astronaut?
Presented by Prof Brian Cox & Robin Ince and featuring Dr Kevin Fong, Chris Riley and me.
Infinite Monkey Cage

I took part in some Bright Club podcasts in February 2011.
In the first one I'm talking to historian Valerie Wallace about the philosopher Jeremy Bentham, in the second, to neuroscientist Benedetto De Martino about decision-making, in the third to speech scientist Rachel Baker about speaking in noisy places and finally in the fourth to philosopher Silvia Di Bianchi about Immanuel Kant...
Bright Club

Interview about rockets, time travel and bionic-future-legs on the shiftrunstop podcast November 2010.

Interview about the rocket show on the Little Atoms podcast July 2010.
Also available on iTunes if you click here.
Little Atoms

More to come soon...